[Spambayes] Wishlist

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sun Sep 14 22:55:02 EDT 2003

> Can Spambayes delete on the server prior to downloading?  It 
> would be great if on the review messages page you could use the
> button to delete prior to downloading.

One problem here is that spambayes needs to download the message to
score it, so you can't avoid downloading the message.  You could just
classify on the headers, which gives ok (but not great) results, or (for
some people) run spambayes on the server, which have been discussed
before, but they're not really good general purpose solutions.  (I
actually have code to classify on headers only and leave spam on the
server, but I've never got around to finishing it, because (I think) the
sb_pop3dnd script should remove the need).

The other thing is that messages are only added to the pop3proxy cache
when you download them.  It's a proxy, not a full mail application.  In
order to initiate a download (or to delete), we'd need to know your
username and password as well as the details it has at the moment.  This
leads to the problem that if the review page is adding messages to the
cache, and messages are also added via the mail client, some will end up
there twice.

Suggestions of methods that avoid these problems are welcome, of course.

=Tony Meyer

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