[Spambayes] Unsure to Ham not training properly?

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sun Sep 14 22:59:42 EDT 2003

> I have two folders being watched, "Inbox" and "Mailbox."  
> Outlook rules file email based on the account into one of those two.
> If an email is scored at, say, 40%, and thuse dumped into 
> Unsure, and I move it to "Spam," I see the Spam score go to 
> 100%.  But if I move it to Inbox or Mailbox, the score stays 
> the same.  Is that the correct behavior?  If so, why?

Do you have both the 'incremental training' checkboxes ticked?  (on the
'Training' tab of the manager dialog).

If so, then perhaps saving the spam score isn't possible for the "Inbox"
and "Mailbox" folders?  Are they different from the "Spam" folder in
some way?  (like one is on Exchange/IMAP/Hotmail?).  If you move the
message to the Inbox and then view the spam clues for the message, does
the score in the clues match the score in the spam column?

=Tony Meyer

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