[Spambayes] Unsure to Ham not training properly?

Jeff Leyser jeff at leyser.org
Sun Sep 14 23:20:38 EDT 2003

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> Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 8:00 PM
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> Subject: RE: [Spambayes] Unsure to Ham not training properly?
> > I have two folders being watched, "Inbox" and "Mailbox."  
> > Outlook rules file email based on the account into one of those two.
> > 
> > If an email is scored at, say, 40%, and thuse dumped into 
> > Unsure, and I move it to "Spam," I see the Spam score go to 
> > 100%.  But if I move it to Inbox or Mailbox, the score stays 
> > the same.  Is that the correct behavior?  If so, why?
> Do you have both the 'incremental training' checkboxes 
> ticked?  (on the
> 'Training' tab of the manager dialog)

Yes, both are checked.

> If so, then perhaps saving the spam score isn't possible for 
> the "Inbox"
> and "Mailbox" folders?  Are they different from the "Spam" folder in
> some way?  (like one is on Exchange/IMAP/Hotmail?).  If you move the
> message to the Inbox and then view the spam clues for the 
> message, does
> the score in the clues match the score in the spam column?

No, all mailboxes the same, all in a single PST file on my local drive.
The %age in the spam clues matches the score in the spam column.


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