[Spambayes] Cannot enable Spambayes

Richard Hough rhough at chancery.com
Tue Sep 16 15:26:14 EDT 2003

Great idea guys, but I cannot enable the Outlook plugin after installing it.

I'm running Win2K Server and Outlook 2000. Spambayes installs OK, I went
through the training session and trained hundreds of spam and good messages,
have defined a watch and unsure folder, set the filtering options to move
certain and suspected spam to these folders, checked the "Enable Spambayes"
box in the General tab, and closed it. But no messages are ever moved to the
spam folder.

Opening the SpamBayes Manager again shows the Enable button is still
unchecked. I can check it again but closing the dialog, or even switching to
a different tab and back, will uncheck it. I created a Spam view column as
suggested and it does show a high percent for spam, it just never moves it
to my defined spam folder. Even 100% spam stays in my Inbox.

If I run "Filter Now" on my Inbox and select "Perform all filter actions" it
will move it to the spam folder, but I want it to do this automatically with
mail as it arrives.

Richard Hough

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