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Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Sep 16 19:30:53 EDT 2003

> From: Meyer, Tony [mailto:T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz]

> > Since it's so easy to suck existing mailboxes into the 
> > Outlook plugin, perhaps it should warn the user if the 
> > ham:spam ratio gets too out-of-whack.
> I think this is probably a good idea.  What "too 

Outlook2000\dialogs\dialog_map.py has the following class:

class WizardTrainingStatusProcessor(ControlProcessor):
    def Init(self):
        bayes = self.window.manager.classifier_data.bayes
        nspam = bayes.nspam
        nham = bayes.nham
        if nspam > 10 and nham > 10:
            msg = "SpamBayes has been successfully trained and configured.
" \
                  "You should find the system is immediately effective at "
                  "filtering spam."
            msg = "SpamBayes has been successfully trained and configured.
" \
                  "However, as the number of messages trained is quite
small, " \
                  "SpamBayes may take some time to become truly effective."
        win32gui.SendMessage(self.GetControl(), win32con.WM_SETTEXT,
                             0, msg)

This would be a simple place to add this status information (it shows up in
the "manager" dialog).  Seeing as I picked the number "10" from my anus, I
see no reason we couldn't do the same with magic cutoffs for an inbalance
warning <wink>

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