[Spambayes] Spam Clues

Ralph Mastrangelo ram at mastr.net
Wed Sep 17 06:15:02 EDT 2003

A brief background of my outlook setup and spambayes plugin.
    I have been using spambayes for a few weeks now, and updated to the new
version sometime last week. 
I have one spam folder and two folders I have all my good mail sent too. I
have done the training a few times
and I have about 100 spam messages saved.  I do use the Delete as spam
button to put spam in my spam folder.
When I look at the spam clues on my spam it say's  Spam Score: 100% (1) but
it does not move it to the spam folder. I have the slider set to spam = 1.0.
I would think that if its 100% it wold be moved.
Anyone have any ideas?

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