[Spambayes] mboxtrain croaks on spam mbox file

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Sep 18 13:51:44 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Drew" == Andrew A Raines <aaraines at pobox.com> writes:

    Drew> Using spambayes-1.0a5, I get this error:


    Drew> Any idea what the email module is actually choking on?  There are
    Drew> 2,110 messages in spam-archive-1 and this error pops up around
    Drew> spam number 1,800, judging from the running tally.

Can you narrow it down to a single message and then attach it to a mail to
the spambayes list?  You might also try changing the msg.get_filename() call
in tokenizer.py to

        fname = msg.get_filename()
    except TypeError:
        print >> sys.stderr, "Error:", msg.get_filename()


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