[Spambayes] New SB option in CVS: html_ui:rows_per_section

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Sep 18 14:16:38 EDT 2003

I found it impossible to use sb_server (aka pop3proxy) if I had a large
number of untrained mails.  If I clicked a Discard link to set all the radio
buttons in a section I was never patient enough to let the operation
complete.  I always wound up killing Safari after five or ten minutes.  It
turns out that Safari's JavaScript implementation just sucks in this regard.
I modified the onHeader() function to call "alert(i)" every 100 iterations.
Each interval between alert popups got longer and longer.  Internet Explorer
for the Mac was consistent in this regard.  This suggests that Apple decided
to use a linked list instead of an array for this particular data structure.

At any rate, I just checked in a new option for the [html_ui] section of
your ini file: "rows_per_section".  It specifies (oddly enough) the maximum
number of rows to display in each section of the review page.  It defaults
to 10000, so you shouldn't see a difference if you don't set it.  On the
other hand, if you set it to a "reasonable" number, say 20 or 50, you should
find your review page displays faster and your keyboard doesn't sprout
cobwebs while you wait for JavaScript to set all the radio buttons in a
section to "Discard", at least if you use Safari.


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