[Spambayes] Configuration Wizard won't run

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Sep 18 18:12:58 EDT 2003

> I am using Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000.
> I installed Spambayes and had it working properly. I then in
> advertently
> deleted the "spam email" folder and got a message that I need
> to configure
> my folder list.  However, the configuration wizard will not activate.
> I've reinstalled Spambayes, but still cannot get the
> configuration wizard to
> operate.
> Any suggestions to make it work properly?
> Thank you for your help.

This is a bug in the wizard.  You can work around it by simply using the
"filtering" tab from the SpamBayes manager, and setting your folders there.


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