[Spambayes] Spambayes not performing as expected

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Fri Sep 19 11:34:49 EDT 2003

From: Douglas Steinschneider [mailto:dsteins at optonline.net] 
> I am now averaging 10 that are rated 0% but are obvious 
> spam and 20 that are suspected spam. Spambayes is correctly 
> rating the remaining 30 as spam.

I have noticed this problem when Outlook Rules running mess up SpamBayes
processing mail. When I connect to my Exchange mailbox from home,
SpamBayes always scores the most-recent spam (the one at the top of my
view) as 0%, and then scores everything else correctly. When I connect
from the office, everything comes up much faster, and this doesn't

In the latest version (0.800.1) there's a slider on the advanced tab
that you can use to make spambayes wait a few seconds before processing
messages. I set it to 10 seconds at home, and it has mitigated (although
not eliminated) the problem.

Could you "run spam clues" on an obvious spam that is stuck in your
inbox with a 0% score? I'll wager it scores above 90%, and you're seeing
this timing bug...

> I know people are having better results. 

Before I started using it from home and experienced the "mystery zeros"
problem described above, I was seeing 98.1% filtering with exactly 1
false positive (an eVite, which I had never trained on before). This is
over thousands of messages and undreds of spam.


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