[Spambayes] Filtering in multiple folders

Doug Krause drkrause at comcast.net
Fri Sep 19 13:06:58 EDT 2003

This is a resend of an old message. Just upgraded to Version
.8.1.....same problem.....Any thoughts on what to do??
Hello ...great program...many thanks!
I use the Outlook plug-in. I have  set up several rules to sort mail to
folders for different family members. The plug-in works fine on the
primary Inbox folder, but does not seem to sort out the SPAM items
before moving them to the other folders. They are rated however.
What I do is open Anti-SPAM Manager and click on Filter Now. Filtering
is set to check  unread messages for all the mailboxes, and then will
move the SPAM messages to the SPAM folder.
Is there any way to make this a one-step, rather than 2-step process??

Doug Krause

215 896-1827 M

dougkrause at comcast.net



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