[Spambayes] Messages fail to filter

Rick Reid Rick.Reid at uk.anker-systems.com
Fri Sep 19 13:30:11 EDT 2003

I have installed SpamBayes(binary version) version 0.81 as an add-in to
Outlook XP running on XP Pro.
I have followed all the instructions but new mail is not getting filtered at
all whether it is spam or not.
I have read the troubleshooting guide and could find no explanation because
I have filtering enabled and all messages fail to give a Spam reading.
I have looked through the bug reports but can find nothing similar.
If I choose the 'Filter Messsages' option from the addin and ask it to
filter my Inbox and ask it to 'Score messages but don't perform filter
action', it does so and marks up the Spam column successfully.
I have definitely set my Inbox as the folder to be monitored as messages
I really like the look of SpamBayes and surely I must be doing something
fundamentally wrong? I have checked and rechecked the settings and I am sure
they are right. 
Could this be a bug? I doubt it, surely there must be other users with the
same config?
Can you help me? Would any more info be useful?
Rick Reid 
System Consultant 
tel. +44 (0)870 9051318 
email rick.reid at uk.anker-systems.com 
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