[Spambayes] imapfilter.py keeps adding new spambayes headers tomessages

Rafael Scholl rafael.scholl at bbox.ch
Fri Sep 19 23:45:33 EDT 2003

>Headers are added if imapfilter can't find a message with that id in the
>messageinfo database.  This sounds like your messageinfo database isn't
>being updated.  Could you check that?

It wasn't updated after classification. And I've figured out why. I started 
"sb_imapfilter.py -c -v -l 10" in order to keep the filter running in the 
background (the idea was to avoid the hassle of having to start two 
programs every time I want to check e-mail). It turns out that with the "l" 
option enabled, the database doesn't get updated and headers get duplicated.

(Note, however, that this certainly isn't the whole story. I think there's 
no use in my experimenting any more as you know the innards of the program. 
But while the imapfilter with the "l" option is running there is no 
duplication of headers. New mail gets classified in one run of the filter, 
and in the next run x minutes later the filter seems to remember those 
previous e-mails and doesn't re-classify them. However, when I shut the 
filter down and start it again, everything gets re-classified -- once!)

This explains quite nicely why at times only new messages had duplicate 
headers: Sometimes I'd experiment with some options and start 
sb_imapfilter.py without the "l" option, updating the database in the process.

> > (Interestingly, when I moved some of the messages to another
> > folder and then moved them back, imapfilter.py left them alone
> > the next time I classified my inbox.)
>This is strange.  You can't actually move an IMAP message (it's a stupid

It is!

>only copy between folders, so this is identical to having new
>messages arrive.

I see you're reasoning, but I tried again: empirically, my observation 
holds. I had only your message in my inbox. I classified the inbox several 
times, and each time a new set of headers was appended. Then I moved your 
message to my local "in" and back -- now I can classify all I want.

Unfortunately this behaviour doesn't really fit in with the problem with 
the "l" option.

>In your config, do you have your
>messageinfo database location set as a fully qualified path?  (i.e.
>something like "C:\spambayes\messageinfo.db", not something like

It was just spambayes.messageinfo.db at first, but I've changed it to a 
full path now. However, this didn't have any effect on the problem.

- Rafael Scholl  

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