[Spambayes] smtp proxy eating messages

Frank Stajano fms27 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Sep 20 00:42:24 EDT 2003

In the first month or so of my using spambayes (1.0a3) I had the system 
configured with both an smpt proxy and a pop3 proxy. However I then 
discovered that on rare occasions, say once or twice a week, the smtp proxy 
was silently eating some of my outgoing messages: eudora would show them as 
sent, but they never got to their recipient.

I always send a bcc to myself, so I can positively confirm that this was 
happening; but since these bccs are refiled and ignored automatically, I 
basically never see them unless I look for them, so I didn't notice for 
quite a while.

Although these occurrences of lost outgoing mail were infrequent, they were 
intolerable; so, when I upgraded to 1.0a4, I just got rid of the smtp proxy 
(which wasn't providing any useful service anyway) and the problem went away.

I haven't been able to figure out a pattern to these disappearances. I 
understand that a report like this one won't make it too easy to identify 
the bug unless you already know about it, so please let me know if there is 
any other thing I can do to make this more helpful.

   Frank (filologo disneyano) http://www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~fms27/

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