[Spambayes] uncaught exception on unicode parsing errors lets spamthrough

Frank Stajano fms27 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Sep 20 00:58:44 EDT 2003

Whooops, sorry for the non-public reply, Tony, I assumed reply-to was set 
to the list automatically but didn't check.

At 2003-09-20 13:53, Frank Stajano wrote:
>At 2003-09-20 13:45, you wrote:
>>This should be fixed in both 1.0a5 and the new 1.0a6.
>Glad to hear this, thanks!
>>  What version are
>>you using?
>1.0a4. Downloading 1.0a6 as we speak...
>Note that the autoresponder I just got when posting the above stuff still 
>mentions 1.0a4 as the latest, although it correctly says "as of 
>2003-08-28". Perhaps worth updating.

   Frank (filologo disneyano) http://www-lce.eng.cam.ac.uk/~fms27/

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