[Spambayes] Are there plans for a daemonized or compiled version of Spambayes?

Sat Sep 20 13:49:25 EDT 2003

Hi Guys,


I've been running Spambayes on our agency Linux smtp gateway for several
months and very happy with its classification of spam. My gateway is a
qmail system and it pipes all incoming email through the hammiefilter
prior to delivery. 


However, a performance problem arises when the gateway gets hit during
peak hours with a lot of emails. What happens is the system slows down
tremendously, in part due to the number of python instances that get
forked in order to scan the emails.


I was wondering: are there any plans to develop a lightweight,
daemonized version of Spambayes?


In the same vein, are there plans to port it to C or another compiled
language? How difficult would this be?


Any suggestions on how to lessen the impact on the system resources
under a heavy email load?




Michael Martinez

Linux System Administrator


United States Department of Agriculture

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