[Spambayes] Deleting Spam Rather than Moving it

Marc M marc999 at agt.net
Sat Sep 20 20:09:32 EDT 2003

I have read the FAQ:

However I'm not sure if this means that it is impossible to do, or just that
it is not programmed at this time.  If this is possible, is it being
considered for addition in future version of SpamBayes?

I have looked at the Auto-Archiving from Outlook and if I right click on my
Spam folder and go to Properties -> AutoArchive, and set it to delete, I get
a message:
"There are no global AutoArchive Options set.  Global AutoArchive option
will be set to archive every 14 days at startup.  You can moidify these
settings on the Other tab."
After fiddling with it I don't beleive there is a way to set Auto-Archive
for ONLY the Spam folder (BTW, I am using Outlook 2000).  Since I don't want
to waste disk space Auto-Archiving, especially when I instead make periodic
.pst files for backup, I'm not confident that this is a great alternative
for my needs.

It would be really nice if SpamBayes would just directly move spam to the
deleted folders tab, then Outlook will empy the folder every time it exits
(if you set it to).  You can always check the folder before exit (or just
not check the option of having Outlook remove items from the Deleted Items
folder) if you are unsure of how well you have trained SpamBayes.  I've
never had a false positive so this is why I crave this option so much.

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