[Spambayes] Deleting Spam Rather than Moving it

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sun Sep 21 03:13:35 EDT 2003

> However I'm not sure if this means that it is impossible to 
> do, or just that it is not programmed at this time. 

Nothing's impossible <wink>.

> If this is possible, is it being considered for addition in future 
> version of SpamBayes?

Anything's considered.  If enough people bother Mark (or maybe Adam)
about it, then it might get added (or he'll get annoyed and ignore them
;).  If someone that knew Python decides that they'd like it, then they
could write a patch, and have Mark consider it.

> I have looked at the Auto-Archiving from Outlook and if I 
> right click on my Spam folder and go to Properties -> 
> AutoArchive, and set it to delete, I get a message: "There 
> are no global AutoArchive Options set.
> After fiddling 
> with it I don't beleive there is a way to set Auto-Archive 
> for ONLY the Spam folder (BTW, I am using Outlook 2000).  

Hmm.  I don't get that message at all, and can easily have only the one
folder auto-archive.  However, I'm using Outlook 2002/XP, so maybe
that's not the case in 2k (I can't recall, and don't have a copy

> It would be really nice if SpamBayes would just directly move 
> spam to the deleted folders tab, then Outlook will empy the 
> folder every time it exits (if you set it to).

The problem with allowing people to set the deleted items folder as the
spam folder is that if they also set the option to train on messages
moved to the spam folder, *all* deleted mail (good or bad) would be
trained as spam.  Sure this is only if you set both of those options,
but allowing the folder to be used only depending on other options is
easily confusing.  Plus, given that there is a chance of false
positives, especially during early use, getting people to send spam
straight to the deleted items folder is very risky.

In the long term, I gather than Outlook 2003 has Junk folders of it's
own that spambayes can move spam to, which act as a secondary deleted
items folder.  (Even Outlook 2002 will let you do this via

We're only talking about 4 clicks (on the folder, ctrl-a, delete,
confirm) after all...

=Tony Meyer

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