[Spambayes] Recover from Spam Destination

Rob Rosenfeld rosenfeld at alum.mit.edu
Sun Sep 21 04:02:08 EDT 2003

Hello, thanks to your help I have a properly trained SpamBayes that is
rarely unsure or wrong.  Thanks.


I am using Outlook XP with an IMAP account, so my "Personal Folders" Inbox
isn't SpamBayes "watching" folder.  When I do have an unsure that is ham, I
click "Recover from Spam".  The email is recovered, but it's restored to the
Personal Folders Inbox which is unused.  Have I missed a setting?  Can I
tell SpamBayes to recover the message to the folder it found it in?  



Rob Rosenfeld

rosenfeld at alum.mit.edu


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