[Spambayes] Suggestion for the rest of us continued

John A. Peters japeters at pacbell.net
Sun Sep 21 19:34:50 EDT 2003

> One suggestion is that when the DOS box can't connect it 
> gives an error message, but when it does reconnect it is 
> silent.  The work around  is to close the DOS box and reload 
> Spambayes.  The result is reassuring but kind of Klunky way 
> to bet reassured.

I'm not clear on what you mean here.  Which SpamBayes application are
you using?  pop3proxy/sb_server?  imapfilter?

Are you meaning that you try and check your mail, but you can't connect
to your mail server, and if this happens you have to restart SpamBayes?
That shouldn't be the case.  What is the error message that you receive?

=Tony Meyer

Yes it is pop3proxy   I don't know what the /sb_server part of your message means.

Any way it is not a but with SpamBayes.  I dont HAVE to restart SpamBayes, I was doing it to get rid of the error messages and to be sure I wal back online, whil experimenting with my new wireless computer.  Let's say that my computer is on a wireless and some how I get too far away from the transmitter.  I loose my connection.  SpamBayes shows an error message in the black DOS box telling me that it can not connect. Naturally it should do this, but . . .

Now when I move back in to range, SpamBayes does not either
1) erase the not connected message or
2) put up a new message telling me I am now connected.

Can't connect to postoffice.pacbell.net:110 (7, 'getaddrinfo faled')
Can't connect to postoffice.pacbell.net:110 (7, 'getaddrinfo faled')
Can't connect to postoffice.pacbell.net:110 (7, 'getaddrinfo faled')

The point that the above is not as user friendly as it could be for the new users that will follow us.  I was only able to get SpamBayes to work care of a professional programmer friend of mine.  I am a very junior programmer in another language (Forth) and there fore am qualified to speak from the view point of those who are relatively inexperienced.

Reconnected to postoffice.pacbell.net:110:25

Might be a suggested message that would be reassuring to the novice user.

John A. Peters 

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