[Spambayes] Deleting Spam Rather than Moving it

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Sep 21 11:30:35 EDT 2003

[Marc M]
>> After fiddling> with it I don't beleive there is a way to set
> Auto-Archive for ONLY the Spam folder (BTW, I am using Outlook 2000).

[Tony Meyer]
> Hmm.  I don't get that message at all, and can easily have only the
> one folder auto-archive.  However, I'm using Outlook 2002/XP, so maybe
> that's not the case in 2k (I can't recall, and don't have a copy
> around).

My Outlook 2000 doesn't complain either if I set it to auto-archive just my
Spam folder.  I don't *want* my spam automagically removed, so I undid this
change immediately after trying it, so can't swear it will work in the end.

This is a completely up-to-date Outlook 2K, BTW, including all current
Office Update service packs (the latest of which (SP-3) added registry keys
so you can selectively disable Outlook's draconian blocking of nearly all
attachments -- many people (like me <wink>) feared to install previous
service packs because they blocked OL2K attachments without hope of ever
getting at them).

> ...
> We're only talking about 4 clicks (on the folder, ctrl-a, delete,
> confirm) after all...

You can skip a step by holding down the shift key while clicking delete

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