[Spambayes] reporet on trying 1.0a6 on SuSE

Ian Smith ian at astounding.org.uk
Sun Sep 21 16:39:02 EDT 2003

On Sun, 21 Sep 2003, Ian Smith wrote:

> I'm still intent on getting it working on my system, so I'll hopefully
> have some more reports shortly.

OK.  Back again.

Just in case lots of my problems were down to working from teh .zip rather
than the .tar.gz, I've started again on my quest.

SuSE 8.0, which has python 2.2
Email package installed from source
Previous problems, now trying agin

My uninstall process of the .zip based attempts has been a simple
rm /usr/bin/sb_*   Maybe that was a little rash, but I don't remember any
commands starting sb_ before spambayes.

My findings:

As root:

Now using spambayes-1.0a6.1.tar.gz

"setup.py install" fails as before regarding False.  Fixed with "True=1"
"False=0" as before.  setup.py now apparently completes happily.

As user:

"sb_filter.py -n -d .sb_hammie.db" responds "Created new database in
/home/ian/.hammiedb".  Indeed it has, so it seems -n ignores teh -d.  No

However, this is good, because last time it got upset with the fact teh
scripts were dos format files.  Seems that problem was indeed down to
working from teh .zip.

"sb_mboxtrain.py -d .hammiedb -s ./spam -g ./ham" now apparently runs.
This is good - previously it moaned about 'False'.  My (naive) deduction
is that the True/False problems I had were caused by working from teh .zip
archive despite the fact that I'm linux.

I have an email in file sb_test_mail, so I try "cat ./sb_test_mail |
sb_filter.py -d ./.hammiedb".  That fails, upset about True.  D'oh.  Said
it was naive.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/sb_filter.py", line 187, in ?
  File "/usr/bin/sb_filter.py", line 157, in main
    h.usedb = True
NameError: global name 'True' is not defined

As root, I add "True=1" and "False=0" to sb_filter.py immediately before
"import os".

Back as user, "cat ./sb_test_mail | sb_filter.py -d ./.hammiedb" now runs.
It is "unsure; 0.69" whether "ORDER YOUR VALIUM and XANAX HERE !!!" might
be a spam.  I guess my training sample wasn't big enough.

Hurrah!  I now consider myself a confirmed python hacker.  Well, maybe

Try sb_server.py and connecting with lynx.  That works, and lets me set
options which subsequently turn up in my settings file, but when I exit
and shutdown I get a traceback.  Lynx chops it up a bit, but trying to
re-assemble it:

500 Server error

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/spambayes/Dibbler.py",
line 453, in found_terminator
    getattr(plugin, name)(**params)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/spambayes/UserInterface.py",
line 477, in onSave
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/spambayes/UserInterface.py",
line 470, in _doSave
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/spambayes/storage.py",
line 229, in store
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/spambayes/storage.py",
line 233, in _write_state_key
    self.db[self.statekey] = (classifier.PICKLE_VERSION,
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/shelve.py", line 77, in __setitem__
    self.dict[key] = f.getvalue()
TypeError: object does not support item assignment

At this point I got in a tangle, I don't know what happened, even though I
was certain I was religiously noting everything I did, but somehow
everything stopped working.  Tracebacks on everything I tried, some
related to dbmstorage.py among others.  Before writing it up here,
however, I checked repeatability by wiping teh lot again and retracing my
path, and everything went as above, but at this point carried on working.

With a .spambayesrc in place I can now "cat ./sb_test_mail | sb_filter.py"
and it works.

Next, I bung in a procmail recipe to feed every email to sb_filter.py, but
I don't act on teh header it puts in, I just intend to watch what it says
manually for a bit:

:0 fw:
| /usr/bin/sb_filter.py

So, I now think I have a useable system - I'm confident I can make
procmail do what I want with teh spambayes header, and if needs be I can
do training just with sb_mboxtrain.py (I assume - I'm assuming it adds
training, not replaces existing training).  I don't trust sb_server.py
yet, becasue I vaguely blame it for teh tangle I listed above.  I will try
a more elegant learning scheme, and account that as well, if it helps.

regards,  Ian SMith
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