[Spambayes] forums?

Justin Chornenky Justin at arushgames.com
Sun Sep 21 16:55:02 EDT 2003

I notice you have like 3 differnt lists depending on what type of question I
have, and that none of them seem to be archived.

Have you given any thoughts to starting a forum?

I know as a user, its a lot more accessable, and it also allows me to go
back and look for info, and get up to speed faster.

I also think its ironic that to get information on cutting down on email, I
have to sign up for three mailing lists :)

Anyway, I love this program, and am looking for some way to get involved. I
do marketing/packaging/graphic design etc for a videogame publisher
currently, so know a bit about the business of marketing software. I am also
familiar with the technical side of running and managing forums and
communities, online advertising and that type of thing.

Let me know if you would be interested in having me involved in the Spam
Bayes project.


Justin Chornenky
Art Director
ARUSH Entertainment
480 609 8665 x213
justin at arushgames.com

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