[Spambayes] Saving SB Filters

Justin Chornenky Justin at arushgames.com
Sun Sep 21 22:06:44 EDT 2003

Bah - didn't realize I was posting to a list. Noob move.


Rather than save a large sampling of spam (especially those containing
virii) to rebuild my SB in case of system failure... is it possible to
backup/export the rules/filters that SB runs off of?

Could not find reference in FAQ or recent archives.

This is a large issue for me, as I work in a testing environment where we
often wipe our machines after every production cycle. Or where buggy
software does it for us :) I have had to retrain SB a few times now, and
would like to start skipping this procedure.

Any help is appreciated.


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> I notice you have like 3 differnt lists depending on what
> type of question I have, and that none of them seem to be archived.

There are five lists, and they are all archived.  If you go to:
there are links to all of them, including the info pages that have links
to the archives.  For example,
<http://mail.python.org/pipermail/spambayes> has the archives for this

> I know as a user, its a lot more accessable, and it also
> allows me to go back and look for info, and get up to speed faster.

If you google for, for example, "site:mail.python.org spambayes
term_I_am_interested in", you should get all the info you need (which is
in the archives).

> I also think its ironic that to get information on cutting
> down on email, I have to sign up for three mailing lists :)

You should only need to sign up to one - this one.  The -dev list is
really only for those interested in the development of spambayes.  If
you have a development idea, but no interest in doing the development,
then you can post it here and one of the developers will notice it (and
maybe move discussion to -dev).  The check-ins list is really only of
use if you are a developer or running from current cvs.  The bugs list
likewise (if you are monitoring a particular bug, then it's easier to
use sourceforge's monitoring system), although if you really want to
know what bugs have been found, then you might want to read that list.
You might also want to subscribe to the announce list, but it's
extremely low volume, and in any case messages to it tend to be cc'd to
this list anyway.

> Anyway, I love this program, and am looking for some way to
> get involved. I do marketing/packaging/graphic design etc for
> a videogame publisher currently, so know a bit about the
> business of marketing software.

In what way would you like to help?  The FAQ about "how can I help" has
information about the main ways in which people can help - do any of
them sound like you (or do any sound definitely not like you?)?  One way
to start is to consider what would make spambayes better for you (or
what would have made it easier to setup for you, or easier for you to
find out about it, ...), and figure out a way that we can improve that.

> Let me know if you would be interested in having me involved
> in the Spam Bayes project.

Everyone's welcome!

=Tony Meyer

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