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Mon Sep 22 08:03:09 EDT 2003

I love Spambayes. I wouldn't trade it for any other app.

Michael Martinez
Linux System Administrator
United States Department of Agriculture

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[William Trenker]
> ...
> I would also nominate Spambayes as Python App of the Year!

We're close enough to the end of 2003 that we had better count that vote
2004 too <wink>.

> Spambayes certainly is a showcase of the sophistication, and
> practicality, that can be achieved using Python 'out of the box'.

Those who helped with the early development were probably most impressed
the speed of development Python allowed:  the first implementation of
spambayes was conceived, written, and working all in one day.  It was
course) much simpler then, had no real email interface apart from
sucking up
files containing messages, and we'll overlook that the Outlook addin
threatens to consume the rest of Mark Hammond's life.  Other than those,
went really fast <wink>.

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