[Spambayes] Messages fail to filter

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Mon Sep 22 15:31:55 EDT 2003

From: Peter Strisik [mailto:lists at strisik.com] 
> New to Spambayes (Outlook plugin .81) myself.
> I found that my messages didn't filter automatically 
> until I _deselected_ the processing delay.

I cannot repeat that behavior on either of my systems, both of which run
Windows XP SP1 and Outlook XP SP2 (plus all security patches). The delay
processing option seems to work just fine.

> Also, I notice that there is nothing in message 
> headers that reflects Spambayes activity even 
> though messages are being scored and filtered!

This is by design. The Outlook plug-in creates a new Outlook message
field called "Spam", formatted as a percentage. It adds nothing to the

There are instructions for adding the spam field to your Outlook views
in the Spambayes FAQ.

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