[Spambayes] 500 Server error training in the web interface.

Syver Enstad syver-en at online.no
Tue Sep 23 07:43:58 EDT 2003

Syver Enstad <syver-en at online.no> writes:

> After using the web interface for more or less time this message shows
> up when pressing the train button. If I refresh the message is not
> there anymore. When the error first has occurred it seems to repeat
> itself until I restart the SpamBayes server.

Could it be that training fails after changing the options in the web
interface? It seems like that. I've used the web interface a long time
now, classifying mails that I've gotten and it hasn't failed
once. Then I changed the advanced options to put the score into the
headers of received mail. Then it started failing on training. It also
fails with a 500 but without a stacktrace on the "Train on a message,
mbox file or dbx file" and "Classify a message".

Yes additional experimentation seems to confirm this. It seems to me
that the bug is that after saving options via the web interface,
spambayes must be restarted, because all functionality except saving
options will generate a 500 Server error with or without a stack

Another problem I encountered is that my mail program will hang if I
try to post a ham message to spambayes_ham at localhost with the id
option turned on and the ham message doesn't have an id in its headers
(because it was received before I installed Spambayes).


Vennlig hilsen 

Syver Enstad

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