[Spambayes] error on attempting to export data

mark_fitzgerald at keybank.com mark_fitzgerald at keybank.com
Tue Sep 23 15:09:29 EDT 2003

I uninstalled everything.  Clean slate. Even tried the tarball version.

Anyway, I installed the python2.3 windows version.  Then I unzipped the 
spambayes into it's own directory.  I then went to that directory, and 
typed exactly what you did.  I get:

C:\spambayes>c:\python23\python.exe setup.py install

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "setup.py", line 27, in ?
    from spambayes import __version__
ImportError: No module named spambayes

Anyone with this already installed that can export my spam database to a 
delimited text file if I send it to them? 

 - Mark

skip at pobox.com 
09/23/2003 02:40 PM
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mark_fitzgerald at keybank.com
spambayes at python.org
Re: [Spambayes] error on attempting to export data

    mark> I'm using python 2.3, and I downloaded the spambayes 1.0a6.zip
    mark> file, and unzipped the stuff to the c:\python23 subdirectory.
    mark> When I run what you suggested, I get:

    mark> c:\python23\python setup.py install
    mark> Traceback (most recent call last):
    mark>   File "setup.py", line 27, in ?
    mark>     from spambayes import __version__
    mark> ImportError: No module named spambayes

Hmmm...  I would unzip the spambayes stuff into it's own folder.  I don't
think there should be a problem unzipping it int c:\Python23, but if you
later want to uninstall Python23, it's now got cruft the uninstaller 
know what to do with.

I just had occasion to do precisely this today on my Windows machine.  I
downloaded and ran the Python 2.3 installer, then downloaded and expanded
the spambyaes-1.0a6.zip file.  From a CMD prompt I executed

    c:\Python23\python.exe setup.py install

and it installed as advertised.  c:\Python23\Lib\site-packages has a
spambayes folder which contains (among other things) a storage.py file.  I
can import spambayes and spambayes.__version__ reports 1.0a6.

You should take this back to the spambayes list (I've cc'd it).  You've
exhausted my feeble Windows knowledge.  Something's definitely not right
though.  Maybe you trashed some files with your mixed spambayes/python
directory tree.


    mark>  - Mark

    mark> -----------------------------------------------
    mark> Mark Fitzgerald
    mark> Workplace Automation Technology
    mark> Key Services Corporation
    mark> (518) 391-1110

    mark> skip at pobox.com 
    mark> 09/23/2003 12:45 PM
    mark> Please respond to
    mark> skip at pobox.com

    mark> To
    mark> mark_fitzgerald at keybank.com
    mark> cc
    mark> spambayes at python.org
    mark> Subject
    mark> Re: [Spambayes] error on attempting to export data

    mark> I'm trying to use:
    mark> C:\spambayes>sb_dbexpimp.py -e -d default_bayes_database.db -f 
    mark> mybayes.db.export

    mark> and the error i get is:

    mark> Traceback (most recent call last):
    mark> File "C:\spambayes\sb_dbexpimp.py", line 100, in ?
    mark> import spambayes.storage
    mark> ImportError: No module named spambayes.storage

    mark> I've dumped everything in one single directory because I thought
    mark> the error was caused by a path problem, but no dice. Can anyone
    mark> help?  thanks.

    mark> Mark,

    mark> How did you install SpamBayes?  From the top-level directory you 
    mark> normally execute

    mark>     python setup.py install

    mark> assuming the directory containing python.exe is on your PATH. 
The result
    mark> would be the creation of a spambayes directory containing (among 
    mark> things) storage.py in Python's site-packages directory.  Later 
    mark> of

    mark>     python c:\spambayes\sb_dbexpimp.py ...

    mark> should be able to find spambayes.storage.

    mark> Skip

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