[Spambayes] Slipup wrongly trained mail

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 23 18:53:32 EDT 2003

> What do I do if I have wrongly classified a mail as spam, 
> when I should have classified it as ham? I just sent the mail 
> to the smtp proxy once more as ham this time, would this fix 
> the training or do I have to do anything else fix this?

If you are using the smptproxy in 'lookup message in cache' mode, then
yes, it will untrain the message first, and then re-train it.  The other
alternative is to find the message id (it's in the X-Spambayes-ID
header) and paste this into the 'find message' query on the front page
of the web interface.  You'll be presented with a review page with just
that message.  If you train it, it will untrain first as needed.

Note that all of this assumes that the message is still in one of the
caches, and that the messageinfo database hasn't been deleted between

=Tony Meyer

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