[Spambayes] Slipup wrongly trained mail

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 23 23:13:56 EDT 2003

> > If you are using the smptproxy in 'lookup message in cache' 
> > mode, then yes, it will untrain the message first, and then re-train
> I don't have that option enabled.

Then you can't undo any smtp proxy training.

> > Note that all of this assumes that the message is still in 
> > one of the 
> > caches, and that the messageinfo database hasn't been 
> > deleted between training.
> I can't see how it could be in the cache as the cache 
> disappears every time I train.

Not unless you've changed the code/defaults, it doesn't.  Messages move
from the unknown-cache to the ham/spam caches (and so are not displayed
in the review), but aren't deleted (until they expire).

> I've seen some places in the docs that it is possible to retrain
> messages. I can't see how to do that when message is removed from
> the cache the first time it is read.

It isn't ;)  It's easy enough to show that this is the case.  Just get
the id for a message that you've already trained (and arrived within
your expiry period) and use the 'find message' query on the front page.
Voila, it will be there.

=Tony Meyer

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