[Spambayes] Errors in 1.0a6 after changing options via the web interface (using dbm)

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Sep 24 00:00:09 EDT 2003

As some people have already discovered, if you save the options/advanced
options in the web interface in 1.0a6, you are then no longer able to train
the database.  What happens is that the database is closed and re-opened,
but the ui keeps trying to use the closed db.

This is now fixed in cvs, so will be fixed for the next release.  In the
meantime, anyone experiencing this has two options (apart from changing the

  1.  If you simply restart sb_server (or the service), then the problem
goes away until you change the options again.  This is the easiest
workaround if you don't change the options often.

  2.  AFAIK pickles aren't effected by this problem.  So you can export your
database to a pickle and use that instead.  The FAQ has details about how to
do this.

=Tony Meyer

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