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Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Sep 24 01:35:12 EDT 2003

> Thanks for answering.  I use outlook express so I don't think 
> 008.1 would help me.

Sorry, I should have asked rather than assumed.  The good news in that
case, though, is that progress is being made on making it easier for
non-Outlook users to use spambayes.  In particular, there will soon(ish)
be a 'normal' installer, which will be able to automatically set both
spambayes and various mail clients (including OE) up, and will offer a
little tray application to make it easier to interface with spambayes.

> I don't even know if I need to do something to make spambayes
> coordinate with python or what.

As long as you run "setup.py install", then you shouldn't need to do
anything else.

> Anyways, I guess my personal input to the project would be to 
> suggest someone go through the faqs (at least, if not the 
> other instructions & read-me's too) and re-interpret them 
> through the eyes of their non-technoid grandparents or 
> something like that.  Alternately, adding a 'spambayes for 
> dummies' page, with step-by-step instructions written for 
> third graders, might be faster.

The README.TXT that comes with the source install is meant to be along
those lines, although perhaps at a slightly advanced step.  The
documentation that comes with the installer (as above) should meet this
criteria, though.

> The other option would be a 
> clickable glossary - make every techie word a hyperlink to a 
> small window that displays the definition.

There's a (very small) glossary on the website already, but it could
certainly be expanded.  One problem with this is that it's hard for the
developers to know exactly what 'normal' people would consider a
technical word.  Are there any words in particular that you recall
seeing that you wished were defined?

Having words in the glossary linked from the FAQ (and possibly other
places) is a good idea.  I'll try and find time to do this at some

Thanks again for the feedback!

=Tony Meyer

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