[Spambayes] Outlook 2K issue

Sourcecode tob at sourcecode-inc.com
Wed Sep 24 08:50:31 EDT 2003


(Yes, I have read the docs but did not see this particular issue described.)

I am using Outlook 2K at SR1 then SP3.

Spambayes installed without a hitch but training fails to see the Inbox (nor
others underneath it) that I set aside for "ham". WHen training, I used the
"Browse" button and have the main "Inbox" folder checked and the
"subfolders" checkbox checked (which is where the other 'good messages' are)
and training sees the SPAM folders messages but *never* sees any of the
'good' messages in any of those folders.

Training wizard always reports that it has seen "nnn Spam and 0 good
messages". Manual training operates as expected but I'd really like to use
the good messages I have already to give Spambayes a boost on the "ham" side

Any ideas?


Tony O'Brien

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