[Spambayes] pop3/smtp proxy with Outlook/Outlook Express

Austine Jane janeaustine50 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 25 01:55:30 EDT 2003


First of all, thank you for this wonderful piece of software.

I have some problems with spambayes-1.0a6. I'm using it with Outlook Express 
on Win XP. I have searched the documents but couldn't find the answer.

I'm using spambayes with pop3/smtp proxy. When I get a ham email that was 
classified as spam, I'd like to correct and retrain spambayes. As far as I 
know I can do it forwarding it to spambayes_ham at localhost. After doing this, 
the web interface front page shows that the number of ham is incremented by 
one(but spam number is not decremented). However, if I go to the review 
page, the email is still shown as spam. What is wrong? Is this correct 
behaviour? Is it not retrained? Does it have to do with use_cached_message? 
It's set as default, False. If I turn it on and forward an email to the smtp 
proxy, the console prints something like "could not look up the id" or so.

Is it because OE removes special message headers like message id?

I have also tried it with Microsoft Outlook 2K, and found no difference. I 
know that there is an outlook plugin, but I'd like to do it with pop3/smtp 
proxy first. Does Outlook 2K also remove special message headers?

Thanks in advance.



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