[Spambayes] documentation bug?

Austine Jane janeaustine50 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 25 02:23:14 EDT 2003

The web interface reads on lookup message in cache as:

Lookup message in cache: If this option is set, then the smtpproxy will 
attempt to look up the messages sent to it (for training) in the POP3 proxy 
cache or IMAP filter folders, and use that message as the training data. 
This avoids any problems where your mail client might change the message 
when forwarding, contaminating your training data. If you can be sure that 
this won't occur, then the id-lookup can be avoided. Note that Outlook 
Express users cannot use the lookup option (because of the way messages are 
forwarded), and so if they wish to use the SMTP proxy they must enable this 
option (but as messages are altered, may not get the best results, and this 
is not recommended).

I suspect that enable has to be disable in "Note that Outlook Express users 
... to use the STMP proxy they must enable this option."

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