[Spambayes] 15,000 spam and 200 known good

mark_fitzgerald at keybank.com mark_fitzgerald at keybank.com
Thu Sep 25 06:10:41 EDT 2003

I know what my results are, but I just wanted to check to see if this is 
normal.. If I have a ton of spam, and only a few hundred good messages, it 
seems that even when I send a known good message to the mailbox, it gets 
classified as spam -- not maybe spam, but 100% spam.  Is there a way to 
balance it out?   Should I have to?  I can send a message, do a move to 
spam, (or move manually and retrain) and then resend the same exact 
message, and it gets classified as SPAM again.  Any idea what's going on? 

 - Mark

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