[Spambayes] end of problems?

Emperor DarkEmperor at gmx.net
Thu Sep 25 18:04:26 EDT 2003

Ok, normally I code in Java... but couldn't wait.

So I changed the function

    def writeOKHeaders(self, contentType, extraHeaders={}):
        """Reflected from `HTTPPlugin`s."""
        # Buffer the headers until there's a `write`, in case an error
        timeNow = time.gmtime(time.time())
        httpNow = time.strftime('%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT', timeNow)
        headers = []
        headers.append("HTTP/1.1 200 OK")
        headers.append("Connection: close")
        headers.append("Content-Type: %s" % contentType)
        headers.append("Date: %s" % httpNow)
        # added cache control to always get newest page
        headers.append("Expires: 26 May 2000 16:00:00 GMT")
        headers.append("Cache-Control: no-cache")
        for name, value in extraHeaders.items():
            headers.append("%s: %s" % (name, value))
        self._bufferedHeaders = headers

Now it's just copy paste ;)

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