[Spambayes] I Can't Install the POP3 Proxy In Windows XP

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Sep 25 23:53:54 EDT 2003

> I'm sorry, but I'm really lost here. I looked through this 
> month's archives and didn't find a discussion of my problem, 
> and couldn't find a way to search the archives....

Google like this:
   site:mail.python.org spambayes search_term "search phrase"

There's a pre-filled out form to do this at:

> Okay.... So, to install SpamBayes, am I supposed to follow 
> the instructions under "For the Really Impatient", those 
> under "Installation", or either, or both?

Either.  Or both, but you'll end up doing some things twice.

> When I ran "python sb_server.py -b" from "the directory I 
> expanded the SpamBayes source into", I got the following error:
> Can't open file 'sb_server.py'
> So I then ran the command from the scripts subdirectory, 
> where sb_server.py was located.

:)  I'll fix this in the readme.

> This gave the following error:
> Traceback:
> File "sb_server.py, line 100, in ?
> import spambases.message
> Import Error: No module named spambayes.message

I'll fix the 'really impatient' instructions to also do the install,
which will fix this.

> However, when it came time to run pop3proxy_service.py,
> I found that it had not been copied.

This is somewhat deliberate, in that it's only of use to Windows folk,
and they'll probably want to be using the (soon to be released) binary
version anyway, and those using the source can just use the
pop3proxy_service.py script from wherever they put it.

You don't say what happened when you ran pop3proxy_service.py.  I've
fixed up the readme a bit here since 1.0a6, too: you should run (in the
spambayes 1.0a6 directory) "windows/pop3proxy_service.py install", and
that will install the service.  You can then control the service like
any other Windows service - either use "net start pop3proxy" (or "net
stop pop3proxy") from a command line, or use the Services Control panel
(from the Administration Tools one).

> I also tried running  setup_all.py from the windows 
> subdirectory, with no success.

I have no idea what that file is...

=Tony Meyer

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