[Spambayes] pop3/smtp proxy with Outlook/Outlook Express

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Sep 26 00:31:02 EDT 2003

[Using smtp proxy doesn't update the review messages page with OE]
> Is it because OE removes special message headers like message id?

The way the smtp proxy works, ideally, is to have a special spambayes id
forwarded to it, which it uses to find a cached copy of the message.
This means that it trains on the exact message that arrived, ignoring
anything that the mail program (OE, here) may have done to it.  In order
for this to work, the mail program has to forward on all the headers in
the original message (because that's where the spambayes id is).  OE
will not do this; it won't even display them.

This means that the only way to use the smtp proxy with OE is to train
on the exact message that is forwarded - but this is a *bad* idea.  The
messages will have changed - many headers will be missing, for example,
and the message will be from *you*, not the original sender.  It also
means that the message can't be removed from the 'unknown' cache,
because spambayes can't identify which message it was.

The good news is that soon(ish) you'll be able to train spambayes by
moving messages into a folder inside Outlook Express, rather than having
to use the web interface (although that will be available) or smtp
proxy.  How soon depends on how busy I get ;)

> I have also tried it with Microsoft Outlook 2K, and found no 
> difference. I know that there is an outlook plugin, but I'd like to
> do it with pop3/smtp proxy first. Does Outlook 2K also remove
> special message headers?

I have no idea.  If you're willing to use Outlook rather than OE, then
it's well worth doing.  The plug-in will make everything easy for you.
The pop3/smtp proxies are moving towards the goal of being as simple to
use as the Outlook plug-in, but aren't quite there yet.

=Tony Meyer

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