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Andy Thomas Andrew at AndrewGroup.Com
Fri Sep 26 19:19:51 EDT 2003

Adding Spam Assassin Functionality to SPAMBAYES....

Spam Bayes appears to quite an accomplishment. I'm wanting to deploy this
into businesses (with contributions to SPF) in every case.

We are deploying Linux Servers as Firewall / Email Servers and we smarthost
our clients email MX records and parse them using SPAM Asassin. A wonderful
feature to add to SPAMBAYES would be a SPAMASSASIN Mode.

On the Tab you would enable SA mode and simple enter the some values that
reflect the SA costs and what to do with the message.

Using Outlook Rules gives no logic to evaluate the Value of the SA spam cost
value, It seems that SPAMBAYE could accomplish this rather easily.

I would be happy to assist, test or help in any way possible if this seems

SA Cost
0   thru  2.99 keep in inbox (flag with option) none
3   thru  5.99 action Move to (Low Spam)
5   thru  9.99 action Move to (Medium Spam)
10 thru 13.99 action Move to (High Spam)
14 thru  99.00 action delete or move to (Very High Spam)

This would complement the SA development community.

Andrew at AndrewGroup.Com

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