[Spambayes] SpamBeyes Outlook addin helper addin I wrote

DM plushpuffin at wwddfd.com
Sat Sep 27 01:26:02 EDT 2003

First of all, a disclaimer:

I don't know crap about Outlook, Visual Studio .NET, or even Visual
Basic.... But I did manage to write my own Outlook addin which complements
the SpamBeyes Outlook addin!

I just barely got this thing to work. Here's what it does:

SBPlusAddin runs on all mail items in \Personal Folders\Junk\Trash
	* set importance to normal
	* set format to text/plain
	* set UnRead to false (make message read)
	* save mail item
	* save its actions to a log file in C:\sbpluslog.txt (for debugging)

It seems to work pretty well. It even prevents Outlook from putting the "new
mail" icon in the system tray! However, it requires the .NET framework to be
installed. Perhaps you guys can figure out a way to compile it without the
need for .NET, since I don't know how.

Anyway, if you are interested in receiving my code, please let me know.

---------- known bugs:

The only thing it chokes on is when you specifically set all the email in
the Junk\Trash folder to UnRead. This is different from simply reading the
mail to make it UnRead, because it's a more "permanent" UnRead. Messages
that are specifically changed to "UnRead" cannot be changed back to Read as
easily, for some reason....

	In other words...
SBPlus has real problems setting a message to "Read" if it has already set
that message to "Read" and then you set the message back to "UnRead" and do
another send/receive without quitting first. I have no idea why.

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