[Spambayes] Problem starting pop3proxy_service on XP

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sat Sep 27 23:36:21 EDT 2003

> First of all, after running setup.py install, 
> pop3proxy_service.py is not 
> installed in the Python directory (a lot of other spambayes 
> stuff is). The pop3proxy_service.py file is in [download
> The readme.txt claims I can discard the download directory after
> install, does this mean something has gone wrong with the install?

No, it means that the readme.txt is wrong :)  I had forgotten that you
would need the two scripts in the windows directory when I wrote that
section.  The setup script has been corrected so that they are also
installed (if appropriate), so this will be fixed in future versions.
Obviously, with the forthcoming binary release of sb_server/pop3proxy
(which will be most appropriate for many windows users), it's

> When I try to start it in the Services 
> Windows, XP says: "The Spambayes pop3proxy_service Service on Local 
> Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop 
> automatically etc. ..."
> Anybody got any ideas what goes wrong?

The service prints out some debugging stuff which you can view via the
"Trace collector debugging tool" in Pythonwin, or if you run
"pop3proxy_service.py -debug".  If you could give this a go and let us
know what it prints out, that would be great.

=Tony Meyer

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