[Spambayes] I Can't Install the POP3 Proxy In Windows XP

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sat Sep 27 23:41:54 EDT 2003

> I wouldn't recommend people to run pop3proxy_service.py. I 
> think most windows users are better off running 
> pop3proxy_tray.py, as it is less invasive to the system, and 
> easier to install too.

Well, most people will be using the binary version soon, hopefully,
which defaults to the non-service version unless the service is
installed (note that pop3proxy_tray works with the service if it is
installed, and only if not, starts up a sb_server thread).

So ease of installation isn't really an issue - if people want to be
using the source, then they should be capable of running
"pop3proxy_service.py install", which is all that is necessary.  For
some, the service is a better option.

=Tony Meyer

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