[Spambayes] Serverside version?

Knut Olav Klo Knut at klo.no
Sun Sep 28 07:43:09 EDT 2003

Hello there and thank you for a VERY good product.
I am running windows xp pro and office xp and had problems installing
the default exe file but when I installed the win32 and python files and
then reinstalled it then it worked VERY good ;-)
What I wonder is if you have server side version of this wonderful tool
or if I can configure my outlook with... lets say 5 mailboxes and have
the spambayes remove spam from all accounts in one outlook?
If this works then I can have one outlook up an running with all
accounts on my server removeing spam and the rest of the family will not
get spam in their accounts, and offcause I'll have to check the junk
folder from time to time ;-)
PS. You are so good that I'll donate sum money for this program very
Knut Klo
  <mailto:knut at klo.no> 
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