[Spambayes] pop3/smtp proxy with Outlook/Outlook Express (bug?)

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Sep 29 01:13:56 EDT 2003

> That means, when I find some email classified wrong and want 
> to correct it then I have to train it first? Then what's the
> meaning of using smtp proxy with spambayes_spam/ham at localhost?

No, you don't have to train it first.  smtpproxy can train messages that
are in any of the three caches.  If the message is in the unknown cache,
it means that it hasn't yet been trained, and so it is.  If it's in the
ham cache, then it has already been trained as ham (so either no
training is done, or it is untrained as ham and trained as spam).
Similarly for the spam cache (but in reverse).  If the only training you
do is via smtpproxy (and you only train a message once) then it will
find all messages in the unknown cache, and move them into the
appropriate new locations.

> >So, to confirm, you're sending an email to spambayes_ham at localhost 
> >which has the id of a message in one of the three caches and you get 
> >the "maybe already deleted" error?  Note that if you're copying & 
> >pasting the id in, you need to include the "X-Spambayes-ID: " bit as 
> >well as the id itself.
> Yes. I think I found another bug.
> train_message_in_pop3proxy_cache and 
> train_message_on_imap_server should 
> return True at the end as they succeeded in retraining.

Indeed they should.  I've fixed this, too, thanks.  (smtpproxy underwent
a reasonably big refit not that long ago and obviously hasn't quite
recovered, yet.  I'm writing up a test suite for it at the moment, but
haven't had a chance to get much of it done yet).

If you fix this, does that fix the problem?  I can see how this would
mean that even after successfully training from the pop3proxy cache
you'd get the "could not find message" error.

=Tony Meyer

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