[Spambayes] Advice on when to stop training.

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Sep 29 02:46:08 EDT 2003

> So if I don't have the lookup message in cache option 
> selected I can train on messages and still have the cache turned off? 

Yes.  It will train on whatever it receives, rather than trying to find
an id and then the message in an unaltered form.

> I am using Gnus 5.9.0 does that qualify as forwarding mails 
> unchanged? I guess not because forwarding puts the original 
> message inside a MIME part.

It probably also changes the sender to you, which isn't good.  It'll
still train, you just might get some invalid training done.  It's really
designed for mailers that can send off the original (raw) message.

=Tony Meyer

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