[Spambayes] Can't Save Configuration

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Sep 29 03:42:51 EDT 2003

> >> pop3proxy_service.py did not get installed anywhere.
> > This is fixed in cvs, so will be fixed for the next release.
> Should I copy it to python23\scripts manually? Good, bad, or 
> irrelevant? Does it matter where I run it from?

It doesn't matter where it is run from, so it's up to you.  I suppose
you might as well, since then when you install the next version it will
be correctly replaced.

> >> DBNoSuchFileError: (2, 'No such file or directory')
> Okay, here's bayescustomize.ini:
> [Storage]
> persistent_storage_file:e:\SpamBayes\Proxy\statistics_database.db
> At some point in the installation, I was asked for a data 
> storage location.

When was this? You don't mean when expanding the zip/tar.gz, do you? Or
in entering data on the configuration page of the web interface?  I
didn't think we asked for a location at any other time.

> I told it to store the data on my data 
> drive at e:\SpamBayes, and it looks like that's where it's 
> looking for it. However, there was no e:\SpamBayes directory 
> created, and statistics_database.db is in the default 
> directory, as is the ini file.

I think the problem here may be that the directories don't exist.
SpamBayes will happily create the database if it's not there, but won't
create the directories.  If you create a e:\SpamBayes\Proxy directory,
does it work then?  By default directory, I guess you mean the windows
Application Data one?  (This does get created, if it ends up being used,
but it's special-cased).

> By the way, I didn't install SpamBayes to the default 
> location; could that be a problem?

By install, you mean when you ran "setup.py install"?  That shouldn't

> Can you explain the "sb_server/pop3proxy" notation to me?

You mean, why do I refer to sb_server/pop3proxy?  Up to (and including)
1.0a5, there was a script called pop3proxy.py, which ran the POP3
proxies, SMTP proxies, and served the web interface.  In 1.0a6 (and
beyond) that script is called sb_server.py (it's more accurate).  At the
moment, people are used to referring to pop3proxy, except for people who
are knew to spambayes with 1.0a6, so I use both, to try and indicate
that I mean either. (The pop3proxy_service and pop3proxy_tray scripts
should really be renamed, too, at some point).

> What's the difference between running "pop3proxy_tray.py", 
> "sb_server.py", or "net start pop3proxy"?

If you run pop3proxy_tray.py it will do one of the others.  If the
service is installed, then it will start it (i.e. the same as "net start
pop3proxy").  If the service isn't installed, then it will start up
sb_server in a separate thread (i.e. the same as "sb_server.py").

As for the difference between running as a service and not, Mark would
probably be the one to answer that.  SpamBayes is a service, really, so
I suppose it makes sense for it to operate as one, so that Windows can
control it effectively.  Win9x and Me don't support services, though.

> Is this explained 
> somewhere in the documentation, and I just missed it?

Probably not, but it probably should be.  Both running pop3proxy as a
service and the tray app are quite new additions to spambayes, and the
documentation hasn't really caught up yet.

=Tony Meyer

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