[Spambayes] Toolbar icon customization

Peter Strisik lists at strisik.com
Mon Sep 29 12:06:15 EDT 2003

In the Images folder, make copies of the "recover_ham" and "delete_as_spam"
bitmaps as backups.  Edit the originals as desired.  In Outlook, right click
on the toolbar and select "customize."  Under the "Toolbars" tab, select the
SpamBayes toolbar and delete it.  Exit and restart outlook.  Spambayes will
recreate the toolbar with the new icons.

In outlook, move to your "unsure" folder so both spam and ham buttons are
showing in the toolbar.  Right click on the toolbar and select "customize".
Right click on the button you want to edit.  Change the text in the "Name"
field. Repeat for each button you want to change.  Close the dialog.  


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I noticed that some people have modified their SpamBayes toolbar icons (and
text). How did you do that? I'd like to modify my icons with different
pictures (a green envelope, for example) and text (shorten to just "Spam"
and "Ham").

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