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lockinventor lockinventor at cox.net
Mon Sep 29 12:18:38 EDT 2003

this is going to be long.

I purchase last week and Norton AntiSpam arrived on Saturday.

there is a problem with it on OE6 on windows XP.  See below from Samantec site.

OE 6 crashes when a spam email gets to my inbox and I try to designate it as spam.  No fix.

At times send / receive stops mid way.  I have to turn Anti Spam off to receive mail and then back on.

Also there seems to be a delay going from AntiSpam to OE startup where sometimes I have to click from going off line to on line when I never did go off line.

Question is are there any Spambayes problems with OE6 and XP?


      Document ID:2003092416011236
      Last Modified:09/26/2003 

Outlook Express 6 crashes when you click the "This is Spam" button 
You are using Outlook Express 6. When you highlight a piece of email and click "This is Spam," Outlook Express crashes.

Symantec is investigating this problem. The cause is unknown, and there is no solution at this time. This document will be updated when new information becomes available or a solution is found.

The problem only seems to occur if you do the following: 

  a.. Retrieve new messages (assume there is an email named "Spam" in this batch of messages). 
  b.. Retrieve more new messages (one or more times). 
  c.. Find that "Spam" email from the first batch of messages, then highlight it and click "This is Spam." Outlook Express crashes.

The problem does not seem to occur if you designate incoming email as Spam each time you retrieve messages. If you find one that was from an earlier message download that you forgot to designate as Spam, ignore it.

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