[Spambayes] POP3 Training Question

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Tue Sep 30 17:58:22 EDT 2003

On the Review page, the top of each category has Discard, Defer, Ham, and
Spam legends. These are hot, and clicking on any of them marks every
message in that category with your choice. When I go to the Review page, I
always have all three sections.

I click Spam on the Unsure section, then review those to make sure none of
them are actually ham. Then I look over the Ham section, looking for
Nigerian spam that needs to be marked as such (my filter never spots the
long spams), and then I hit Discard on the Spam section, throwing them all
out keeps me in balance.

I would recommend setting the "Suppress caching of bulk ham" to Yes in the
configuration, which will probably cut down on the rate you train Hams,
even if you try to remember to hit Discard for both Ham and Spam.

On the developer's list I've raised the issue of having a configurable
default for each section. (Now it defaults to Defer/Ham/Spam, I would
prefer Defer/Discard/Discard so I would normally only be training on
errors I correct on a per-message basis.) We'll see if that shows up in
the future.


Keith Russell wrote:

> Hello, fellow spam resisters.
> I have a question about training.
> I imported and trained on about 300 spam messages and an equal number
> of ham messages right after getting SpamBayes working a couple of
> days.
> I don't get a lot of spam and the initial training seems to have done
> a good job, so since then, I've received only one messages categorized
> as unsure and several hundred ham.
> When I go to the training page, I don't see a way to select which
> messages I want to train. It looks as though I need to train
> everything I've received, even if they were all correctly categorized
> to start with.
> That's easy enough to do, but will greatly skew the ratio of trained
> ham to trained spam. How can I get around this?
> Thanks.
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